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Website Maintenance & Improvements (WMI)

Website Maintenance and Improvement is a database software that was developed by ISD.

So you develop state of the art website with all the belts and whistles. You develop your website with text book accuracy and enrich it with the very correct Meta keywords, content writing, alternate text, H1 tags and other requirements. You are also rewarded by search engines with good rank positioning. So now you can sit back and relax, right? Wrong!

Your competitors are working hard everyday to bring their sites up. Search engine spiders crawl through millions of web pages trying to decide which sites to bring up in search results. It is very important to keep in mind that search engines not only index your pages, they also UN-INDEX them. That is right! Search engines do un-index pages that have already been indexed.

It is important to keep track of all your indexed pages because if a page is to come up in search results, it first has to be indexed. This is one purpose WMI serves. Once you manually check whether pages of your website are indexed, you may store the data in WMI.

The second very important purpose WMI serves is to bring all the tools together while developing a web page. To bring success in search engine results a web page has to be interconnected from many different angles. Keywords and content has to be relative to each other. H1 thru H6 tags have to relate to keywords and the content. Alternative text has to relate to keywords, content, and H1 thru H6 tags. Anchor text from other pages has to relate to the page you are developing. WMI gives you easy tools in making this puzzle simple.

In a nutshell WMI makes management of your web page and website simple while developing it. Once the website has been developed, it aids you managing it.

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