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Request for Information (RFI)

Request for Information or RFI is a communication platform where all your employees can log on to collectively or individually.

Telephone calls do not document agreed upon solutions to a problem, and email is limited to the sender and receiver. But RFI documents all conversations and agreed upon solutions to a problem while enabling your entire work force to view it, saving time and eliminating communications problems.

All relevant information to a job such as customer information and job information are readily available while you can enter multiple RFI's to multiple people for the same job. The person who it is directed to may answer it or choose the unique "research and answer" option if the answer requires research.

If the question does not pertain to any job or a customer, but a general question, you may issue a general RFI. You may also choose from "Frequently asked Questions" or FAQ's to save time on typing, but may add your comments to a FAQ if you desire to do so.

You may edit/view RFI's using a vast variety of options including: most recent, job #, rfi issued by, rfi directed to, key word, by project manager, by sales person, by FAQ, and any other criteria that may be relevant to you.

For RFI's that contain confidential information you may issue a "Private RFI" that the other party has to open with his or her ID and password.

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You may also get reports, view statistics, and archive old RFI's for easy filing. Whether your workforce is located in the same building or scattered on various parts of the globe, RFI can increase the effectiveness of communication to a new height.

But this is only the tip of the ice-berg, we can mold this tool to match your exact business.

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