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Calculations For Design (CFD)

Database Solutions & Small Business Software

We have long specialized in Database Solutions in Microsoft Access for Small Businesses.  For example, our Calculations for Design, CFD, is a Small Business Software program designed for cabinet manufacturers. It was developed as a requirement of Euro Design Center. Using mathematical formulas, CFD makes it easy to calculate Angled Walls, Angled Ceilings, Counters, Corner Cabinets, Island Counters, Elevator Size, Closet Corner Units, Cabinet Designs and Wall Closets. Do you have to remember mathematical formulas to design your cabinets? Our CFD has these formulas hard coded. All you need to do is enter values and the software makes the necessary calculations and displays a diagram of what you have entered.

Are you searching for custom software designed the way you want it? Then you've come to the right place. We offer our vast knowledge to optimize your design and give the end product you have been searching for.

Microsoft Access Programming

Are you looking for Small Business Software Design? Was your software development done in Microsoft Access some time ago? Are you looking for MS Access program updates? Look no further than ISD Software Development Engineers. We have stretched the boundaries of MS Access to calculate and draw many complex geometrical shapes.

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